12049434_1091779470835363_1161794999815498251_nJennifer Munson has been studying Bharatanatyam dance under Kalakshetra-trained teacher Anjali Jeyaram for 3 years. She has been honored for her performances at Southern Indian dance festivals and holiday celebrations at temples in Pennsylvania and Delaware. She has taught classes in various disciplines for over 25 years.

Jen will teach and Perform Saturday night!


532688_573446472687691_1215814599_n!Ak’Ana ~ Tribal Style and Fusion Bellydance troupe based near Philadelphia, PA

Based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and Founded in 2005 !Ak'Ana has developed their own signature Improv Tribal and Fusion dance style and punctuated it with intricate prop work, creative choreography, and unique costuming elements.  Founders Jaz and Christiane began their bellydance journeys in 1999, and were joined by Lorraine and Amy in 2007. They have gone on to teach and perform in PA, NY and NJ.  Jaz presently holds classes in Improv Tribal Style in Bucks County, PA, and directs the student troupe.  We are looking forward to dancing with you!!

jen danceJen Goodnight has been dancing since age 4. She began with ballet, tap, jazz, Cecchetti method, modern, and character, and she now dances semi-professionally in flamenco and Polynesian dance groups. Jen fully embraces "dance like no one's watching" and loves to throw herself fully and freely into a song. She chose flamenco because it's all about being able to individually express yourself, even if you're different from others, so long as you always feel the rhythm. Jen also loves learning about Polynesian culture and telling the stories of the gods and ancestors with her hands and body movements. She also embraces the wide variety of island styles - Polynesian dance can be subtle and elegant, serious and worshipful, or sexy and rhythmic, whatever you're in the mood for!

1-DSC_003651_1-DSC_0084Blue Drum Rhythm

Drums. Drum Circles. Outdoor Rhythm Adventures. Rhythm Exploration and Empowerment.

Glasshawk and Cellina are co-owners of Blue Drum Rhythm Company and have been leading drum circles at various venues, both public and private, for over 20 years. They love showing people how easy it is to access the innate rhythm and empower people to participate even if they have no prior experience

Alex “Glasshawk” Comer

Alex is a Drum Circle Facilitator, hand drummer, fire circle facilitator, organic Grounds Manager, workshop leader, primitive skills practitioner, fly fisherman and woodworker--to name a few skills. At home in nature he spends much of his time outdoors learning all that he can about the world around us. He has been on a drumming journey for over 20 years. He has a friendly and disarming approach to teaching others and most importantly--he loves doing it!

Alex draws from an early exposure to music and performance. He has led Drum Circles for shamanic and healing events for over 15 years and has co-facilitated drumming, primitive skills and wyldecrafting events with his wife Gretchen for over 20 years. He loves sharing his amazing talents with others in a fun and adaptive atmosphere. 

In addition to his many skills, he has a certificate of completion for his Drum Circle Leadership Foundation Training with Jim Donovan. 

Gretchen “Cellina” Comer
Gretchen is a Drum Circle Facilitator who loves to find creative ways to combine rhythm with songs and chants, and use found objects to make rhythms and music. Drawing from an early exposure to dance, theater, music, chorus and public speaking, and being a self-proclaimed "corn ball", she brings creativity, warmth and humor to drumming and rhythm exploration.
Gretchen is also an events planner and Events Manager, workshop leader, ceremony facilitator, website designer, publications designer, a primitive skills practitioner (and student), and a perpetual student of rhythm, percussion, and her beloved Bahia bass drum. She loves to combine her skills with Alex's in co-creating a safe, relatable environment where people can discover and explore their unique rhythms within the circle format--fearlessly.
In addition to her many skills, she has a certificate of completion for her Drum Circle Leadership Foundation Training with Jim Donovan.


Miramar has been studying and researching Middle Eastern Dance for over twenty years and began teaching in 1989 in the Winchester, VA area. Miramar performed with the Silk Road Dance Company for one and one-half years under the direction of Laurel Victoria Gray..  She has studied Middle Eastern Dance in both Turkey and Egypt, Masters Degree in Art Administration, Shenandoah University 2005, and has received a Research Excellence Award for her thesis on codes of conduct in Middle Eastern Dance


Michael Greendragon is a Progressive Activist. a Spiritual leader and organizer, A workshop presenter, and a producer of Theatrical Ritual.

2018 Confirmed Presenters


Rhythm Fest Va
Sep 14 - 17, 2018 
Thor’s Hollow Retreat and Campground
in Cross Junction, Virginia