Dance Classes

12049434_1091779470835363_1161794999815498251_nBharatanatyam is a classical Indian dance that traces its roots back to the ancient Sanskrit text of the Natya Shastra and was traditionally performed in temples to honor the Gods. A performer wears an elaborate costume with bells on the ankles which add to the rhythm (talaam) as the dancer stomps. Hand symbols (mudras), eye movements and stylized poses with bent knees are combined into sections of poetry and dance. Come learn some of the basic building blocks of this dance.


332547_283390228359985_1168667642_o!Ak’Ana will be offering classes on Improv and Swords.


Jen Goodnight will be teaching Polynesian dancing


Drum and Rhythm Classes

1-101-bRhythm Exploration Workshop - taught by Blue Drum Rhythm

Join certified Drum Circle Facilitators Glasshawk and Cellina as they lead you through a unique drum circle format that includes learning drum rhythms anyone can play, playing games, and having a lot of fun. The format is designed to: explore rhythm, align the left and right brain hemispheres, reduce stress and leave you feeling energized. No prior experience is necessary. BRING A DRUM IF YOU HAVE ONE. Some hand instruments and drums will be provided. Come play with us!

PICT0138Drum reheading workshop.

It's the nature of hand drums to lose their head at some point. Maybe you have a drum you can't play because the drum head is broken.

Alex uses a drum re-heading process similar to the "Shorty Palmer Method" and Shorty gets full credit for passing it on. Most hand drums can be re-headed. Although at Blue Drum we  specialize in djembes and ashikos re-heading it can be accomplished on many different types of drums that use natural skin heads; e.g. doumbeks, buffalo drums, frame drums, and more.

if you have a drum that needs a new head, contact us in advance to ensure a head will be available, and Glasshawk will help you rehead your drum through the course of the event.

2018 Classes

Dance Classes
Drum and Rhythm Classes


Rhythm Fest Va
Sep 14 - 17, 2018 
Thor’s Hollow Retreat and Campground
in Cross Junction, Virginia